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Micro Nano Bio-Fluidics group

Our Vision

Our vision

The center aims at becoming a world-class research unit at IIT Madras with international visibility and leadership in the vibrant field of Micro Nano Bio-Fluidics. We aim to achieve this goal by (i) focusing on cutting-edge research in the area and publishing the work in the most coveted scientific journals of the world, (ii) developing disruptive technologies by exploiting the material manipulation through micro and nanoscale physics, (iii) establishing active international collaborations with the top-most researchers in the field, (iv) enhancing IITM’s visibility in the global R&D arena through active participation and organizing/event hosting of leading international conferences, thematic workshops/schools, (v) hosting and affiliating leading international researchers in this field with the CoE, offering attractive positions to promising Young International Faculty/Post-Docs, facilitating and engaging them to pursue cutting edge research. The proposed CoE will function as a catalyst in the Micro Nano Bio Fluidics research in India by focusing on (i) collaborations with the leading groups in the field within the country, (ii) capacity building in terms of training research scholars, post-docs, and faculty from various institutes within the country, (iii) joint technology development with global/local industry in the field, and (iv) solving problems of immediate societal impact.